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Custom CNC Milling

Custom CNC Milling For Specialised Components

Engineering firms have found a place in the manufacturing game by offering their services and skills to bigger companies that need to mass produce all their products and don’t necessarily have the time or money to spend on the machinery required for the job. As a result, these engineering firms are outsourced and used to produce or manufacture the components that they need for the rest of the production line.

A CNC milling machine is just one of the many services that they can provide, and it is mostly because it goes hand-in-hand with other production processes like Fine Blanking, spark eroding and welding. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and what that means is the milling machine is controlled by a number system that works on three separate axes.

How it All Fits in Together With the Others

Programming a CNC mill is not the easiest thing to do, but once you get the hang of it, you can work out all the kinks and you can program just about any design into it. It takes several years worth of being an apprentice, watching and learning how to operate the machine correctly, and only once you are qualified can use the machine on your own.

You program the milling head using G-codes to tell the machine exactly where it needs to place the material you are working with. The triple axis system lets you create movements in any direction and as long as you put your co-ordinates in correctly, you can create just about anything from key rings to intercoolers and you will be able to make them exactly the same.

That’s the benefit of using a CNC mill because once the G-codes have been programmed in and it is saved on the machine, it will be able to repeat the whole process over and over without fail. That way you get a consistent end product no matter how many times you need to make it. It also removes the human handling error from the equation, and as long as the human programs it correctly it will never make a mistake.

Custom CNC Milling for Big Manufacturers

Custom CNC milling is often outsourced to engineering firms because they have the means to specialise and create custom milling jobs for the big manufacturers so that they don’t have to. The machinery is quite costly and if the manufacturers don’t have the space or the funds to buy their own machine then they are forced to get a specialist in to get the job done right, without compromising on the quality of the work.

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