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Fine Blanking Process

Fineblanking is an Integral Manufacturing Process

Engineering and manufacturing companies often make use of the fineblanking process in order to produce high volumes of pre-cut shapes from sheet metal. The process of cutting steel is not as easy as it sounds when you consider the nature of metal and how certain types of pressure and incorrect handling can warp or bend steel unnecessarily. Cutting steel also requires a fine edge to it if the parts you are cutting need to be used in other parts of the manufacturing process.

Regular blanking is a manufacturing process where sheet metal is fed through one end of a machine and a pre-determined shape is cut out of the sheeting by using a press and a specifically designed tool that is used over and over again to produce exact replicas of the shape required. The difference between regular blanking and fine blanking is the fact that there is additional support in the fine blanking process to help make the cuts straighter.

The Benefits of the Fineblanking Process for Manufacturing

The fact that steel is difficult to cut means that special care must be taken if you want to ensure a clean cut every time. Punching through steel sheeting often leaves rough edges that are uneven and jagged. These off-cuts need to be processed further by being filed down and smoothed off by using other equipment and machinery.

The additional support given by an extra clamping surface that basically works in the opposite direction to the others. The result is that you get a clean cut edge that is smooth and even all the way through and it will do that for each and every piece that you produce. The benefit here is that your components are already ready to be used in the next phase of the production line.

Fineblanking Available from Engineering Companies

Fineblanking is a highly specialised service that requires precision and accuracy when it comes to mass producing components. If you don’t have the equipment or machinery to get that kind of manufacturing done, then you have the option of outsourcing it to engineering firms that have access to these machines are highly skilled at using them. In fact, some of them even specialise in fineblanking on its own because it is a niche manufacturing process.

When it comes to keeping things even across the board, it is important to use the right manufacturing processes that get the job done right, without the need for further processing.


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