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Tri-Axis Engineering is a company that forms a part of the Fine Blanking group, and was originally established in order to address the need for precision milling services. As far as engineering companies go, they usually have to service the manufacturing industries where mass production and precision go hand in hand. They have to be able to provide large quantities of parts and components that need to be identical in every way and cut exactly to specification.

Tri-Axis in particular has specialised in CNC milling and CNC lathes that automate the cutting and shaping process by working on a triple axis machine that needs to be carefully programmed. Computer automation has helped change the way manufacturing processes work by taking the control out of the workers hand and automating the process. They still require a pair of skilled hands to operate the machine and program all the tables, so not just anyone can handle this type of machinery.

Services Offered by the Tri-Axis Machining Facility

Tri-Axis offers automated cutting, milling and shaping of various materials that are used elsewhere in the production line. Let’s say you need to create an engine block for a vehicle out of a solid block metal and you need to cut into it so you can form the shape of the cylinders so there is place for the piston. You also need various shapes and grooves cut into the block so that other components can be attached to the block.

An engine is dependent on the entire unit being sealed off so that it can function properly, and all the parts need to fit together like a glove or the engine cannot run. Cutting your way into a solid block of metal is one thing, but making sure those cuts are made exact, right down to the last millimetre, is something entirely different. When you mass produce components like that, it is important that each and every one of them is exactly the same.

In addition to the precision milling facilities, they are also able to offer you drilling and tapping services, Lathing, spark erosion and robotic-arm welding facilities so that they can cover a wide spectrum of services that are critical to the manufacturing process.

Tri-Axis Engineering Carries Through With Quality Production

Tri-Axis Engineering is imbued with a dedication to creating high quality precision engineering services to better aid companies with their production lines by producing clean cut components that are uniform and accurate regardless of the numbers being produced.

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