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Fine Blanking Engineering Company

The Fine Blanking Engineering Company

The Fine Blanking Engineering Company is a part of the Fine Blanking group, and it forms a part of several different companies that work together to assist the manufacturing industries with precision components, tools and dies to speed up the manufacturing process and allow things to run smoothly without causing any damage from defective parts and pieces.

Fine Blanking itself is a highly specialised form of materials handling that focuses primarily on cutting and pressing of various metals and other manufacturing materials. At least, that is what blanking is in general; fine blanking on the other hand makes use of a triple action force to help cut through materials more accurately and with a finer edge to the cut, leaving it looking clean and neat instead of raw and rough edges you get from regular blanking.

Fine Blanking Offers Several Possibilities in Manufacturing

Fine Blanking is often found in the automotive industry where they are used to produce components like your seatbelt buckle or the ratchet inside your hand-brake. The locking mechanisms inside your car door or the clutch assy components for your gears are also prime examples of things that require Fine Blanking to make them. These machines are configured and geared to handle mostly flat materials like sheet metal where it can be fed into the one end of the machine, pressed and then a clean cut component is pushed out the other side.

Fine Blanking Engineering Company is able to handle materials that vary between 0.5mm all the way through to 16mm in thickness. Their machines are also able to handle the cutting of Carbon Steel and Alloys all the way through to, and including, stainless steel. Their presses range from 63 tonnes all the way up to 400 tons so they can cut through even the toughest materials and still be able to get a straight cutting edge.

The whole idea behind fine blanking is that you no longer have the need for redundant secondary processes that are meant to help clean up the cutting from regular blanking. Fine Blanking gives you a 100% straight cut edge every time, regardless of the type and thickness of the material, allowing you to speed up the manufacturing process by cutting out the unnecessary stages.

Fine Blanking Engineering Company is a Cut above the Rest

Whether you are outsourcing some of your manufacturing or you need highly specialised precision components in a hurry, the Fine Blanking Engineering Company are the right people for the job.

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