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Metal Pressings Services

Metal Pressings Services Available from Engineering Companies

Metal pressing often forms an integral part of the manufacturing process, especially when it involves the need for cutting sheet metal and dealing with tough materials. Metal pressing services usually include things like blanking and fineblanking, tool and die making for the presses and high-volume metal processing for manufacturing. The fact that metal pressing services are such a specialised field means that the work often has to be done with precision equipment and highly skilled hands.

The kind of skilled hands you only find in engineering workshops and production lines where the process forms a part of a greater whole. Specialised cutting can only be done by specialised machinery, and that machinery can only be operated by well trained hands. High volume metal manufacturing is a precision process and it requires quick and accurate repetition of certain actions so that it can produce the exact same result for each and every piece that it makes.

Precision Components

Metal processing is never an easy thing to do and cutting through steel sheeting is prime example. Steel can vary in thickness and hardness, so being able to handle the material itself is very important. Metal presses that can deliver up to 400 tons of pressure are designed to handle extremely thick and extremely hard metals with ease. You won’t come across that kind of machinery often and it is usually quite expensive to procure for a lot of the manufacturers out there.

It may not be feasible for a manufacturer to own one of these machines, or they simply don’t have the space to put one on the workshop floor. Either way, you often find that these manufacturers sub-contract that part of the manufacturing process to outside engineering firms that have do have them. They can put in large orders for precision cut components that simply need to be integrated into the production line so that they can carry on with the rest of the process.

Metal Pressing Services that Guarantee the Work

Highly repetitive manufacturing processes require fast, accurate work that delivers the exact same product over and over again. Metal pressing services that have been outsourced must provide some guarantee on the accuracy and efficiency of the work they do or they cannot be used as a part of the process.

The manufacturing industry is all about lead times and as long as you can find a way to make components fast and cheap, you can rest assured knowing that the firm you are sub-contracting to is not going to hold things up unnecessarily.


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