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Deep Drawing

The Advantages of Deep Drawing Technology

The materials, processes and equipment which are used in the metal stamping and deep drawing industry have proven to be far more cost effective than dated methods used for forming alloys and metals into definite shapes. Deep drawing is the method of clipping bending and moulding coil or steel metal by pressing and stamping the material into the required forms. The resulting shaped metal will then be plated with tin or metal or other metal elements in order to protect it from corrosion. The most frequently used metals include nickel, zinc, aluminium and steel. These are incredibly cost effective durable and strong and they are non-toxic and portable too.

The most important products of the deep drawing and metal stamping industry are products like the finer opponents of larger machinery, automotive muffler parts and smaller components of equipment and metal structures. Deep drawing is performed by metal stamping in a factory or facility that performs custom work.

Hydraulic metal stamping is used to effectively perform deep drawing. The reason for this is because of the favourable force which is produced by hydraulic presses. The force can be applied to the full tonnage over the entire length of the stroke. The hydraulic press will be powered by a hydraulic pump to cylinders that drive the slide down. By pre-setting the pressure, a valve is able to activate pressure reversal so as to prevent an overload from occurring.

Deep Drawing from Fine Blanking

These are only a few of the many benefits associated with making use of this new technology and processes to take care of metal stamping. We are one of the leaders in the industry in South Africa and continue to provide value-adding services to many different sectors of the South African economy. For many years Fine Blanking has remained at the forefront of the deep drawing and metal stamping industry and has now become a trusted name.

We are also committed to transformation and our company is committed to implementing sound Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Practices. Our Quality Management System Certification without our group is both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified in order to ensure that the firm compliance to customers’ quality needs are continually adhered to. We also comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements in order to ensure sustainable business for our customers.

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