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Erosion Cutting

State-of-the-art Metal Pressings, Erosion Cutting and CNC Machining from Fine Blanking

We are one of South Africa’s leading companies in the metal pressings and CNC machining industry. We also provide industrial lock manufacturing, tool, and jig and die making and other essential and value-adding services to our customers.

Stamping Presses in South Africa

Stamping presses can be subdivided into hydraulically driver presses and mechanically driven presses. The most frequently used mechanical presses will make use of an eccentric drive in order to move the press’s ram. With hydraulic presses, on the other hand, hydraulic cylinders are used. The force progression throughout the ram’s stroke will be determined by the nature of the drive system. One advantage that the hydraulic press has is its constant press force throughout the stroke.

The mechanical press have a press force progression closer to the bottom dead centre which depends on the hinge and drive system. It is therefore able to reach high cycles per unit of time than those of hydraulic presses and is thus more frequently used in industrial press shops. Our costing is kept competitive and Fine Blanking will work with you to tailor an affordable solution for your needs.

CNC Machining in South Africa

Since its initial introduction in the 1940s and 1950s, CNC machining has come a long way. This end to end component design is now a highly automated process using computer aided manufacturing and computer aided design programs. During the process a program will produce a computer file which will extract commands which are needed to operate a specific machine successfully.

This process may require the use of various tools such as saws or drills, the modern CNC machine will frequently combine tools into a single cell. We are one of the leading suppliers of CNC machining technology in South Africa and continue to lead the way in ground-breaking technology in South Africa.

We are the leader in erosion cutting, metal pressings, tool, jig and die making, industrial lock manufacturing and CNC machining. Fine Blanking provides our value-adding services and products to the mining, petro-chemical, hydraulic and pneumatic, water heating systems and electrical industries, among many others. These are only a few of the many industries that have come to rely on Fine Blanking for them to operate effectively.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 certified to ensure firm compliance with international quality standards. If you are looking for cutting edge erosion cutting services in South Africa, look no further than Fine Blanking.

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