Tool, Jig and Die-Making

Tool, jig, and die-making is a specialised field within manufacturing that involves designing, crafting, and maintaining tools, jigs, and dies used in the production of precision components.

1. Tool Making: Involves creating various cutting, shaping, and forming tools used in manufacturing processes.

2. Jig Making: Involves designing and constructing jigs, which are specialised fixtures or templates that guide and hold workpieces during manufacturing processes, ensuring accuracy and repeatability.

3. Die Making: Focuses on producing dies, which are specialised tools used for shaping or forming materials, often through processes like stamping or fine blanking.

These three components are crucial in achieving high precision and consistency in the manufacturing of parts and products across various industries. Tool, jig, and die-makers play a key role in optimising production processes and ensuring the quality of the end products.

What We Offer

  • New press tools, jigs, dies and moulds
  • Maintenance and refurbishment of existing tools, jigs, dies and moulds
  • Tool try-outs (if within our capabilities)
  • Wire cutting (EDM)
  • Spark eroding
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
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